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Few artists have the capacity to be as tragically vulnerable and alluring as La Poré, a.k.a. writer, producer, and actor Nick Samson. On his self-titled debut EP, the native Clevelander and current Los Angeles resident, takes listeners on an ethereal ride through a searing 2020 experience, navigating a new city, a recent marriage, anxiety, and depression, all in the midst of a world that flipped itself upside down. While addressing big ideas about self identity, the artistic process, mental health, and a society in contradiction, much of the 6 track body of work reflects a warmth and simplicity, a product of time spent writing in a studio apartment in North Hollywood.


Ironically, being away from home is the subject of the opening track "I Need Ya," of the debut EP released July 22, 2022. Starting in December 2021 with "Headphones," La Poré also released "Honey" in February 2022 and "Every Day's My Friday" in May leading up to the full EP drop. "I Need Ya" sees La Poré return to Columbus, Oh, where his formative music years began. After writing remotely with friend and collaborator Kyle Kanzigg, La Poré spent 2 weeks in February 2021 recording all 6 tracks at Kanzigg's studio home in the Capital City.

La Poré is the music moniker of writer, producer, and actor Nick Samson. Having spent several years performing across the Columbus, OH music scene before moving to Los Angeles in November 2019, Samson has gained much notoriety for his work in a short period of time.


After the release of his June 2017 debut, “Close,” the artist quickly followed up that September with the track “Sad Girl," garnering attention from global fashion and music label Maison Kistuné. In March 2018, the follow up, “Missing It,” was included in Kitsuné Musique's collaboration album with the NBA, Kitsuné America 5: The NBA Edition. In April 2019, “Missing It” was used in the official soundtrack for the Netflix film "The Perfect Date."


Since its inception in 2017, La Poré has allowed Samson the ability to express his deepest anxieties, hopes, and dreams. Constantly evolving, the artist has maintained his true authentic nature, still slightly hidden behind the veil of a tragic poet longing to pour his heart out, wanting to be understood, yet still reserved by his insecurities.


In addition to being a musician, Samson is also an actor. He currently appears in a supporting role in the feature length film “Poser," which premiered at New York City's Tribeca Film Festival in June 2021, and is now playing in select theaters across North America.



“La Poré’s song is an atmospheric bop with Samson’s affecting vocals over sleek, ’80s-style synths”
Buzz Bands LA
“La Poré’s spacious synths intertwined with glossy falsettos and dreamy language create the ultimate vibes” – Euphoria Magazine
“La Poré (Nick Samson) builds relationships through his music, tying in his own personal struggles and creating music that is perfect for every playlist” - Beyond The Stage Magazine
“La Poré stands his ground as a contender in the indie pop world...” - Impose Magazine


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